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Women's Hair Loss

Hair Loss in Women / Female Hair Loss can be totally devastating, but now there is an affordable and functional alternative to expensive human hair wigs.

You can even choose whatever look you like! No need to suffer in silence, there is private, personal service available to you, for you. The hair is actually attached to the head without glue or adhesives of any kind. Simple, easy to manage hair loss treatment solutions are available.

Evelyn says she dropped out of high school, became a recluse as a teenager, and had been -in essence- hiding out ever since. If there was a drive-thru option, she would choose that option and only went out when absolutely necessary, mostly very late at night or in the pre-dawn hours of the morning in order to avoid people.

Then, someone put a card with a before and after picture of a bald headed female on it under her door with the following single sentence: “Check out this salon, it’s here in Sandy Springs." "It took me a week to make the call because at first I was angry and somewhat embarrassed that someone knew my secret" she says. That was 24 years ago.

Evelyn Says: "I could not believe my eyes; the before and after pictures were amazing. Finally, I got over my anger and made the call. That was 24 years ago. I am now happily married and enjoying life. I see Genie about every 6 to 8 weeks and I look great everyday. And I finally learned how to smile. Still a bit shy, but I feel beautiful."