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Trichotillomania (compulsive hair pulling) is characterized by compulsive, and usually, secretive hair pulling. This is an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and may require professional help.

However, dealing with the debilitating effects of this disorder can be very difficult. Sometimes, looking for help is more debilitating than the disorder itself. Most females figure out unique ways to hide the pulling, but ultimately, a prosthetic is needed or these ladies may choose isolation. Self-imposed isolation feeds the compulsion.

The most accessible solutions are human hair wigs, Clip in hair extensions, Tape in hair extensions, or monofilament, polyurethane-based top hairpieces and toupees. These prosthetics are just that… prosthetics. They are hot, sweaty, un-natural looking, and messy. They are usually not easy to locate, and can cost a small fortune.

They are always applied with glue and adhesives or clips. In order to use adhesives, you must shave the area free of hair (adhesives won’t adhere to hair).
The routine is time consuming and very messy unless you pay a professional about two times a week to remove your unit, as it is called, and scrape the gook off of your scalp and re-glue it back on for you using tapes and adhesives.

*If you have this disorder, it can be as devastating for a female (especially a young female) as Erectile Dysfunction is for a young man.
Help for children and adolescents visit, this is the TLC Foundation which is a nationwide support network for Children with Trichotillomania. Check availability in your area