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Questions and Answers About Hair Loss

Questions and Answers about Hair Loss

• Q. What is a “Micro-trac?
• A. This is the signature method for attaching human hair developed by “The Hair Genie” of LA Hair Extensions in Atlanta

• Q. What do you mean by “Over shampooing”
• A. Many of us have been taught to shampoo our hair daily. All hair needs oil, and shampoo removes oils. This leaves hair dry and causes damage. Because hair is different depending on your race and ethnicity, see Hair Care instructions to determine your ethnicity and follow the procedures listed there.

• Q. Why do you say never use hot water on your hair?
• A. Hot water dries your hair out. Imagine putting a wool sweater in hot water. Your hair is the same thing as wool. It is "Keratin”.

• Q. How does LA Hair’s Micro trac prevent damage to your hair?
• A. The Micro trac is made of a synthetic fiber, your hair is only used to attach the fiber to your head and then your hair is released, leaving 99% of your own hair free. This allows proper hygiene and styling versatility.

• Q. Why do African Americans' hair need to be relaxed to use the Micro Trac?
• A. Because 99% of your own hair is free, therefore the extension hair must be the exact same color and texture of the client’s own hair to create a seamless integration.