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Prices/ Policy

Human Hair Extensions Prices & Policies

Our human hair is not bought at local beauty supply stores, it’s sourced by hair harvesters in Europe. Our relationship with our hair harvesters has lasted for more than 50 years. We are the only ones in the industry with this kind of resource. That is why our experienced, professional suppliers stand behind us, allowing us to stand behind our products 100%.

No need to have the hair removed, then wait for us to send the hair off to have it analyzed while you wait with no hair, only to be told weeks later that the problem is your fault and there will be no recovery.

If you have a problem with any of our human hair products within I year (12 months) of the date of purchase, it will be replaced immediately and at no cost to you for hair or labor…Guaranteed!

Since our hair is harvested (collected) by professionals, and I am an experienced professional also, we know good hair; this is why we are the only salon in this industry to offer such a guarantee! Ask around.

Human Hair Prices are Market these days. Pretty much like prices in a seafood restaurant, for instance.
Because the price of the hair depends on the length, the color, the texture and the racial type of the hair, coupled with ever increasing prices due to supply and demand, it is not possible to give you a price list for human hair products on this site.

However, our hair enhancements (extensions) typically range between $399.99 and $649.99 complete including labor and Hair. This is a typical estimate. We will tell you the complete cost of your work during your free consultation, or you can call for current human hair product prices.

Hair Loss Treatments Prices
The range here is very wide and variable: because each case is so markedly different, I can’t even begin to estimate it except to say it is within the hundreds and most cost less than a thousand dollars.

Cancellation Policy
All clients are required to keep an up-to-date Visa or MasterCard on file. This card is required to schedule your FREE consultation, and will be used in case of the following:

1. Missed Free Consultation appointment: Mon-Fri $75.00 Sat-Sun $125.00
2. Missed maintenance appointment: Mon-Fri $85.00 Sat-Sun $85.00--$150.00
3. Missed “down and up” appointment Full cost of service. Any day
4. Missed Initial attachment Full cost of service. Any day

Avoid penalties: Call 404 252-5644 (24/7/365) to cancel or re-schedule your appointment within 24 hours of any appointment except “Down and Up" appointments, or Initial attachment appointments:
These services require up to 4-5 hours and must be cancelled at least 48 hours in advance.

Of course we will make exceptions depending on circumstances. These penalties may seem harsh, but I need your help with this in order to continue to serve you needs. I work with busy career, professional, and business ladies and to them, time matters. I have a no-waiting policy for this reason. My clients deserve to get the services they need in a timely fashion. It is my aim to save you time and money.
Just CALL ME…404 252-5644 24/7/365 (If no answer…leave a message)