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Hair Loss Treatment

The realization of losing one's hair is very disturbing, to say the least, especially for a female. Where does one find female hair loss solutions? From what I am hearing from my female hair loss clients, seeking a hair loss solution can prove more devastating than the condition itself.

Until recently there wasn’t even a category for female hair loss and very few products available or accessible. There were always human hair wigs and hair pieces, but they were very difficult to find and even more difficult to use. There were toupees for men that were attached using tapes, adhesives and glue called bonding. Because the scalp and the hair are both oily, these adhesives required shaving any remaining hair from the head.

I am sure hair loss in women has increased recently with the introduction of human hair Extensions (mostly using adhesives often disguised with names like “keratin” or Strand by Strand), “Full Sew-ins” which causes traction alopecia, and Lace wigs attached with adhesives called bonding.

Hair loss in women takes on many forms from compulsive hair pulling, chemical damage, female hair thinning, female pattern baldness, illness, disease, glandular dysfunction, etc. Female hair loss solutions are available for those dealing with hair loss regardless of the cause. If you need help…Call me.

We offer affordable, functional, easy to manage (no adhesives) female hair loss solutions. Schedule a free consultation to explore your options.

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