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Hair Growth & Moon Phases

Hair Growth and Moon Phases

Believe it or not, we are connected to the universe. My paternal ancestry is mostly Native American; my grandmother taught me to cut hair when the moon is waxing (growing) to have hair grow longer faster.

She told me to cut hair when the moon is full for thicker, stronger hair!
She also told me never cut hair or prune a plant when the moon is waning (getting smaller, do not cut…see chart.)
The moon, in the top row of the graphic above, is waxing so it is getting bigger and that is when you should cut it.

This works, think about it. Most Native Americans had long, shinny, and healthy hair: the men, the women, and even the children. That is one of my secrets for female hair loss solutions and damaged hair recovery.

Trimming your hair has the same effect as pruning a plant or tree. The hair will be healthier, fuller, shiny and vibrant with life. If you do not trim your dead ends…your hair will either remain static, or simply stop growing.

Still not sure what to cut or when to cut? click the link below to Ask Genie when the best time to trim hair is.

Hair Growth and Moon Phases Ask Genie!