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Female Baldness

Female Baldness

Female Hair Loss can be/is as devastating for a female as erectile dysfunction is for a male!
(says Genie)

Whether your hair loss is from Trichotillomania, Bad Hair Weaves, Thyroid dysfunction or some other medical condition, Fusion weaves, Strand By Strand weaves, Fusion, or some other Hair enhancement method, LA Hair Extensions Atlanta has the solution for you. Even clip in hair extensions can and will damage most people's hair.

These are some of the more common causes of female hair loss that I see in my shop: Alopecia , Trichotillomania, Chemicals (relaxers and color), Female Pattern Balding, Hereditary hair loss, bad weaves (traction Alopecia), bad weave methods that are not conducive to proper hygiene, over processing with chemicals, and over shampooing.

With today's technology and the skills of "the Hair Genie", there are affordable, natural looking, and manageable solutions! Don't go another day dealing with the embarrassment…
Get Your Power Back! Put a smile back on your face

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