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Damaged Hair Treatment

Damaged hair treatment

Sheila (not her real name) had been to weave hell and back. Having “Sew ins” for years had left her nearly bald and was costing her a small fortune in both time and money. She has her own successful consulting firm and travels extensively.

"This was too stressful," she said. "Getting it done was never convenient for me. Genie works by appointment, no waiting, the hair lasts for over a year, and I see her about every 2-3 months. My hair is growing, my business is improving and I feel so good about my looks everyday.”!

Working with this young lady was my pleasure! She came to me with her head nearly bald from bad weaves (over chemical processing). You can see for yourself: LA Hair Extensions are good for the health of your scalp. Healthy hair grows from a clean healthy scalp.

Genie Says: I see a lot of damage in my hair extension salon. Usually, the damage is done by bad weaves, bad hair extensions, bad hair extensions methods and techniques, over chemical processing, relaxers and colors, and -believe it or not- Over-Shampooing! Sheila's hair was seriously over processed with relaxers and she had traction Alopecia from tight sew-in weaves. She also had a very dry, flaky scalp from improper hygiene. At LA Hair, we give our clients hair care information and product suggestions to avoid scalp disorders and other hygiene issues.

Most hair extension and weave techniques actually damage your own hair sooner or later. We give you the product information along with “do it yourself” techniques and proven tips to help you recover your own hair while looking absolutely fabulous with the hair of your choice everyday. See Hair Care at

We are the only professional hair extensions salon that helps you recover and enjoy your own hair while wearing hair extensions. Our method uses no glue, no adhesives, no clips, no tapes, or anything else to damage your precious hair. Notice how Sheila's hair has completely recovered from all the damage that was done to it.

Your finished look is so undetectable, some of our clients' husbands don’t even know they’ve had our “enhancements” in their hair for years.