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Children's Hair Loss

Hair Loss in Children

Hair Loss in Children

13 Year Old Riyanna had Trichotillomania. It is an OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) characterized by obsessive, compulsive hair pulling.

As is often the case, Riyanna's natural beauty was distorted by the condition of her hair and her childhood was disrupted. No free style fun play, sports activities, or sleep-overs for her. Isolation feeds this compulsion. Her mother was desperate, she hated seeing her beautiful child in old lady wigs so she decided to do something about it. Her mother found The Hair Genie.

Genie Says: Riyanna is one of the most innocent and happiest children I've ever met. She did not seem phased by her condition at all to the outside world, but her mother agonized about it, and as mothers do, she found a solution for her precious child. When Riyanna was entering high school, she changed schools where no one knew about her hair issues in the past. She went off to high school as pretty as ever, blossoming with beauty and confidence, and as care free as a child should be with no fear of losing her wig.

Help for children and adolescents visit, this is the TLC Foundation which is a nationwide support network for Children with Trichotillomania. Check availability in your area